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How to get sponsors: 5 Most Effective Ways 

Sports sponssorship

Sponsorship in sports has evolved in both scope and ability since it was first introduced many years ago. Securing sponsorships is of utmost importance for athletes, extending well beyond the realm of financial support. It not only provides a vital injection of funds that can cover training, equipment, and competition expenses, but it also bestows a seal of validation upon an athlete’s pursuit. 

The backing of a reputable brand or company not only enhances an athlete’s credibility but also opens doors to elevated exposure and visibility, enabling them to reach a wider audience. Moreover, sponsorships often foster a positive relationship where athletes become brand ambassadors, representing values that resonate with their own, while sponsors benefit from the athlete’s association and the positive image they convey.

Finding the perfect athlete sponsorship, however, is a difficult task.  There are undoubtedly many sponsorship opportunities, but this abundance frequently makes it difficult for athletes to find a partnership that precisely matches their goals. Despite the plethora of sponsors in the market, many sportsmen sadly find it difficult to achieve the recognition and significant success they deserve without doing their due diligence. 

In this post, you’ll learn about

  1. Decide the type of sponsorship you want
  2. Define your target audience and create a proposal
  3. Create an online presence
  4. Network smart
  5. Negotiating your contract

What is a sponsorship?

Sponsorship can be defined as a partnership between a company and a sports team or athlete to exchange access to new markets for financial support.

The size and cost of sponsorship deals can vary, ranging from small local partnerships to significant international sponsorships. For instance, if a sports company chooses to sponsor a local youth team in sports, the squad’s jerseys will feature the company’s logos or color schemes. In addition, it is planned that the brand will appear in promotional materials for games or other athletic events featuring them. Although there are numerous additional options for businesses to support athletes, these are generally some of the most popular ones.

In the end, finding sponsors shouldn’t be a rushed process. You must realize that companies invest in these contracts, which allows them to have high expectations for returns on investment.

Discussing the kind of arrangement you want is the first step in getting sponsored.


Let’s take a look at five ways you can find your first sponsor:

1. Decide the type of sponsorship you want:

Choosing a good sponsor might be difficult at times because there are so many factors to take into account. You must first research the many sponsorships that are available nowadays and decide which kind you want to pursue.

Title sponsorship, primary sponsorship, official sponsorship, official partnership, and technical partnership are the most typical agreements.

Going simpler and focusing on a certain niche makes more sense for many athlete sponsorship companies.  For instance, an official partner is typically a partner in a particular industry or niche. As an example, consider Visa as the official financial partner of a sports team.

Numerous sponsorships give players cash or cover a portion of their operating, travel, and training expenses. Consider the kind of sports team sponsorship you want right away. Keep in mind that businesses seek out sponsored athletes who can promote them in return. Before you start seeking sponsors, make sure you’re actively marketing your club or yourself.

 2. Define your target audience and create a proposal:

Knowing who your market is and coming up with a sponsorship proposal that outlines your value proposition is a key step before attempting to secure a sponsorship arrangement. Your proposal has to be adapted to the requirements of the sponsor and consistent with their brand messaging. Details about your sport, accomplishments, audience characteristics, and how you may help the sponsor achieve their marketing objectives can all be included in this.

Begin your search for sponsorship by considering companies already involved in your sport or those associated with similar sports boasting good fan bases. Explore possibilities with regional or specialized companies that could have expertise in sponsoring athletes in your specific locale. This targeted approach enhances the likelihood of finding sponsors whose interests align closely with your athletic pursuits.

Start cultivating relationships with possible sponsors once you’ve identified them. Join their social media channels, go to events that they support, and introduce yourself at industry events.  Be authentic and demonstrate an interest in the brand.

3. Create an online presence:

In today’s world, nothing is possible without having an online presence, i.e., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your fans need to be connected to you, and know what you are up to! The stronger your fanbase and online community, the higher your chance of getting good sponsorships. Since these are quite often deals where both parties need to benefit, giving the company or brand exposure in your community is something they may look at. 

Showcase your accomplishments, exercise regimen, and daily life on social media. Engage your audience by answering questions and making comments. Think about working together with other athletes, sharing sponsor content, or showing BTS of your training sessions. 

Many elite athletes have reported earning well over $1 million annually solely from sponsored content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This shift in revenue streams underscores the fact that an athlete’s online influence can be as impactful as their on-field performance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady flow of income even on your off days? 

 4. Network smart:

Remember how we heard, you are your best marketing team? Well, that is completely true when it comes to networking in the big leagues! You need to know whom to brush shoulders with and whom to smartly ignore. The best way to make connections would be to attend industry events, charity auctions, volunteer, etc. 

Personal connections can open doors and provide valuable insights into potential sponsorship opportunities. A lot of companies will judge your ability based on many factors, including your interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively, how well you sell yourself, etc.

Establishing trust and rapport with fellow athletes, coaches, and industry professionals can lead to recommendations, referrals, and introductions to potential sponsors. Additionally, your team’s network might include alumni who have transitioned into business roles and could be interested in supporting athletes.

5. Negotiating your contract:

 Once you have identified potential sponsors, built relationships, and created a social media presence, it’s time to negotiate the sponsorship deal. 

Negotiate the sponsorship agreement’s conditions, such as what the sponsor will give you and what you will offer. Be specific about what you expect from the agreement and make sure all parties stand to gain from it.

A complete understanding of issues like compensation, deliverables, deadlines, termination clauses, and conflict resolution procedures is necessary for successful negotiations. Maintaining a cooperative attitude promotes a productive environment, which increases the likelihood of reaching a good agreement as well as long-lasting partnerships based on mutual respect and collaboration.

In all that we covered today, having a strong team to negotiate contracts, and maintaining an online presence are of utmost importance. Your team should very well bring you only the best and most lucrative deals. And this is where Unified Sports comes in! Our team of experienced professionals, will handle your contracts and work to get you, your dream sponsors

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