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Scholarships Available for Athletes in India

Sports Scholaships in India.

Sports Scholarships in India are like a crazy rollercoaster ride that everyone hops on with pure joy and passion! Cricket takes the top spot in the popularity charts, where the whole country unites to cheer on our squad. It’s not just a game; it’s an emotion that brings people together, fills stadiums with deafening roars, and turns armchair fans into cricket pundits. Yes, it is as magical and crazy as it sounds! 

But hey, there’s more to Indian sports than just cricket! We’ve got a whole lineup of sports superstars rocking the scene. From the lightning-fast shuttle smashes in badminton to the adrenaline-pumping races on the track, our athletes are making waves internationally. 

Let’s not forget the power-packed punches in boxing, the fierce tackles in kabaddi, and the graceful moves on the tennis court. Indian sports is like a colourful bouquet of awesomeness! And all other sports are slowly finding a spot in our hearts, our cheers are loud as ever, and we support them immensely! 

And hey, it’s not just about winning trophies. Sports in India have become a symbol of empowerment, breaking barriers, and challenging societal norms. Our amazing women athletes are showing the world that they’re unstoppable forces of nature, leaving us in awe with their sheer talent and determination.

With equal pay, they now have an added incentive to give it their all! Inspiring young women all over the world to perform and join a sport of their liking. It’s time to rock those jerseys for our women players!

 WPL being the biggest example of what women in cricket can do, what batting and bowling performances can achieve, every single match was a true treat to our eyes! The success of athletes such as P.V. Sindhu in badminton, Mary Kom in boxing, and Mithali Raj in cricket has promoted female participation in sports and served as a catalyst for societal change.

Sports are also important in fostering inclusivity, empowering women, and pushing social change in India. Women athletes have broken stereotypes and accomplished incredible things, showing why we must support them too! Now you have a chance to play for your country and get a scholarship too! You don’t need to worry about financial woes to play well, many universities, organizations, and companies provide financial help to upcoming sports players. 

In this post, you’ll learn about

  1. Reliance Foundation Youth Sports
  2. The Airport Authority of India
  3. Indian Oil Sports Scholarship
  4. Sports Authority of India (SAI) and  Netaji Subhas National Institute Of Sports (NSNIS)
  5. PACE Scholarships by Gosport Foundation

A sports scholarship is a type of scholarship that is given to an individual to attend a college or university mainly based on their ability to play a particular sport. This encourages students to pursue their talents in a particular sport, which also gives India our next emerging personality in the field of sports. 

1. Reliance Foundation Youth Sports 

The amount awarded: Rs. 2,00,000/-

Reliance Foundation Youth Sports is a national sports platform for high school and college athletes that was established in 2015. Their entire focus is on using athletics as a vehicle to promote leadership and learning among rural children. This platform fosters and develops young talent so they can become India’s next great champions. They also provide a variety of sports scholarships and courses, such as the Young Champs program, which is a full-time residential program for rising stars.

2. The Airport Authority of India : 

The amount awarded: Rs. 12,000/- per month

They offer the AAI Sports Scholarship Programme for young sports enthusiasts aged 14 and up. This scholarship strives to improve athletic standards at AAI by fostering young talent in India. It is given to Indian players who have competed in junior, junior-level, and senior-level national championships, intercollegiate matches, and national school games in the last two years.

The program promotes sporting standards and encourages young athletes. They also employ athletes on a permanent basis based on their success and the availability of openings. 

3. Indian Oil Sports Scholarship

The amount awarded: Scholar: Rs. 12,000-16,000, Elite Scholar: Rs. 15,000-19,000

With its headquarters in New Delhi, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is India’s largest public sector and flagship oil firm. For three decades, they have promoted the value of sports by providing three-year sports scholarships and sponsorships. Their primary goal is to provide opportunities to excellent athletes.

Scholarships are typically granted for three years and are renewed annually based on the athlete’s performance. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must pass the IOCL Sports Scholarship Exam.

They offer scholarships in two categories, which are:

  1. Scholars in Sports 
  2. Elite Scholars in Sports

4. Sports Authority of India (SAI) and  Netaji Subhas National Institute Of Sports (NSNIS)

The amount awarded: Rs.6600/- per annum

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, located in Patiala, Punjab, is one of Asia’s largest sports institutions established by the Government of India. It is the academic franchise of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), intending to improve sports in the country and train people in various sports-related subjects.

 In its bigger goal of promoting sports and assisting students in achieving their goals, the Institution has launched a new scheme of awarding outstanding athletes with a Sports Scholarship. The main scholarships are State and National Level Scholarships, Student Scholarships, and Special Scholarships for Women.

5. PACE Scholarships by Gosport Foundation

The GoSports Foundation awards the PACE Sports Scholarships to empower India’s next generation of athletes. They are distributed each year during January. This sports scholarship does not only provide financial assistance; they also sponsor numerous lesser-known talents and encourage them to compete in world-level tournaments. This Foundation has supported and funded Olympic and Paralympic champions like Kidambi Srikanth, Dipa Karmakar, and Sharath Gayakwad

Athletes must be national champions in their respective sports to be considered for this prestigious sports scholarship. The GoSports advisory board also includes athletic legends such as Rahul Dravid and Abhinav Bindra as counselors and mentors to young athletes.

The Selection Process: 

A Selection Committee is formed to review the applications and select candidates for these scholarships based on their performance and merit. The judgment of the Committee is considered to be final, and nothing else will be considered in this regard. The sporting disciplines covered by the scholarship program are as follows:

”Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Tennis, Shooting, Swimming, Table tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Struggle are the top priority sports. Badminton, Baseball, Billiards and Snookers, Bowing, Carrom, Chess, Cricket, Equestrian, Fencing, Golf, Kayak and Canoeing, Karate, Powerlifting, Rowing, Softball, Squash, Teak Wood, Wushu, Sailing are some of the other sports.”

Every year, numerous exciting opportunities are emerging in sports, encouraging students to explore extracurricular activities alongside their studies. Sports scholarships provide a fantastic chance for talented individuals to pursue their passion and become the next rising sports player in India.

Financial constraints should not hold you back from pursuing your dreams in sports and applying for these scholarships opens doors to incredible opportunities. You can find specific requirements and more details about the scholarships on the respective websites.  For any other queries like where to apply, which sport, which universities, etc are always available to guide you. 

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