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Sports Development Plans

Become a Master at your sport.

Sports Development Plans

Become a Master at your sport.

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We create personalised sports plans for each athlete irrespective of their sport, age, ability level to achieve their goals!
Our Partners, Power of Basics (POB), are the technical masterminds behind these plans. Their team of international-standard coaches have transformed the teams of Vatika F.C. (Delhi Football League Champions) & Rajasthan United F.C (Defeated ATK, East Bengal, and the Navy teams in the Durant Cup to qualify for the knockout stage) into winning teams by working on their fitness, strength and conditioning, recovery, diet and other sports science aspects.

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We believe that every kid and adult, whether amateur or professional, should have access to the top scientific sports development plans for their growth! It is crucial that these plans are personalised for each individual based on their body type, sport, age, gender & many other scientific requirements.

To help all kids at school and academy level, we bring you these personalised sports development plans at super affordable prices!

What will this plan do for you?

  • Personalized training plan based on sport-science
  • Personal coach to monitor your progress and ensure your improvements
  • Live personal evaluations
  • 1 on 1 coaching and mentorship, with access to our network of coaches and clubs.
  • A proper roadmap for an athlete

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