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Strategic Partnerships

Clubs You can partner with:

We have meticulously identified a selection of reputable European football clubs known for their commitment to excellence, flexibility, and quality:

  • Fiorentina (Italy)
  • Torino (Italy)
  • Bologna (Italy)
  • Espanyol (Spain)
  • Juventus (Italy)
  • Southampton FC (England)
  • Real Betis (Spain)
  • Everton (England)
  • Manchester City (England)
  • Real Madrid (Spain)
  • Fulham (England)
  • Athletic Club (Spain)
  • DV7 (Spain)
  • Las Palmas (Spain)
  • Celta Vigo (Spain)
  • Inter Milan (Italy)

International Club Partnership Inclusions:

1. Global Exposure: A partnership with an international club can provide our players with exposure to diverse playing styles and cultures, broadening their football horizons.

2. Enhanced Training Techniques: Collaboration with a renowned club can bring in advanced training methodologies, helping our players develop new skills and strategies. It can be started online and offline with visits to the central academy (which will act as the centre of excellence) but a continuous contact point is made to ensure successful delivery and support.

3. Player exchange Exchange: Opportunities for talent exchange programs can emerge, allowing our players to experience different football environments and fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

4. Coaching Clinics and Workshops:

  • Hosting coaching clinics and workshops for coaching staff by
  • European club coaches.
  • Sharing best practices and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

5. Knowledge Exchange:  Clubs have the opportunity to access invaluable club curriculums, technical support, coach preparation, and more from international clubs.

6. Brand recognition: Brand recognition entails that your club will distinguish itself from others, gaining increased visibility and awareness. This recognition not only sets your club apart but also enhances its reputation and presence within the community and broader market.


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