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Do you remember watching the World Cup with your family, cheering on your favourite IPL teams with friends, and hanging huge posters of your ultimate cricketing god? Those little moments slowly became a dream, a goal to work towards when you grew up!

Today, there are so many wonderful platforms that can help you achieve this milestone! Playing for your country, walking out donning that blue jersey, and hearing the crowd chant ‘INDIA, INDIA’ will always be the biggest dream for any upcoming cricketer.

Cricket is not just a sport in India but a true emotion people connect with deeply, they not only respect the players but also the game. It is not just about creating records, but also about how long have you left an imprint on their minds! Children from a very young age start impersonating their most loved cricketer, it may be Dhoni, Sachin, Virat, or Smriti, Shefali, or Mithali!

They are inspired to dream big when they see Dhoni finishing off matches in style, Virat’s aggression and passion for the game, and remember Sachin for bringing India on the map. It’s time to help them transform their passion, enthusiasm, and zeal into reality!

If your child not only enjoys watching the game but also loves playing and wishes to make a profession out of it, then this blog will help you figure out how to become a cricketer in India.

To start with, like any dream, becoming a cricketer also takes a lot of dedication, effort, discipline, and belief. You must put in countless hours of practice, trust your process and keep improving yourself every step of the way.

In this post, you’ll learn how to become a cricket player
1) Join a cricket academy
2) Look out for a supportive coach
3). Join your school or college team
4) Be available for state or district-level selections

There is a narrow line between adoring and being passionate about a game, the latter is what you need to establish a career in a certain field. There are a few skills you must possess if you plan on playing professionally for your country, like:

  •  Your hand-eye coordination is remarkable
  • You have excellent adaptability
  • You have good flexibility
  • Are a hard worker and determined to succeed
  • Your core strength and cardiovascular health are exceptional
  • You know your strengths and build on it
  • Are clear about the basic and technical knowledge of the game

A step-by-step on how to become a cricket player:

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1) Join a cricket academy:

If you want to be one of the men/women in blue, the first step is to enroll in a cricket academy. Learning from a competent coach can help you become acquainted with the exposure required to excel in this industry.

They assist players in being equipped with essential cricket tips and tricks. Aside from that, the coach’s experience adds brownie points to the challenging journey.

Be sure to go for the best cricket academy in your neighborhood, they will help you showcase your strengths and challenge all of your weaknesses.

In addition, by joining a professional academy, you will be surrounded by competitive teammates who will challenge you to perform better every day.

2) Look out for a supportive coach:

Have you ever wondered why cricket players have such a good rapport with their coaches? This is because coaches not only support you get acquainted with the sport, but they also push you past your limitations so that everyone can discover that hidden personality, which was previously only evident to experienced eyes.

Conduct a thorough check on your coach before deciding which one to hire. Various retired cricketers frequently take up careers as coaches, either at academies or on their own.

And if you are not sure what a ‘good coach’ is like, check out our blog here that will guide you in appointing the best out there!

3). Join your school or college team:

Apart from your coaching, joining these teams will give you important playing opportunities. The more games you play, the better you get. Even Smriti Mandhana, the best female international cricketer, believes that school is the best time for aspiring cricketers.

The scope of sports in educational institutions with clubs and academies is continually expanding. You should take advantage of this opportunity by being picked for school or college cricket teams.

It also gives you an upper hand in this situation and then you can start playing for a team that plays for various private cricket tournaments.

4) Be available for state/district level selections:

Gaining recognition in the cricketing field starts once you start playing for your state/district as a cricket player. Prestigious tournaments like Ranji trophy, Dilip trophy, and Vijay Hazare trophy selections are also a great way for a cricket player to get noticed. The road to selection is not a cakewalk; extensive training as a cricket player needs to be done regularly over a long period of time. Several more aspiring cricket players aim to feature in the starting 11 and make their mark on the field.

During the whole thing, one may come across less or more experienced competitors. Your courage can be seen by exceeding everyone else and displaying genuine capability. You have to show why you are better than the next person!

Becoming a professional player: Post all these selections you go ahead and play the IPL or the World Cup for under 16/19 as applicable. Your selections for that depend on how well you performed in your district/state matches. IPL is a huge platform that has garnered international recognition, becoming a part of any franchise there also ensures you heaps of learning opportunities.

Lastly, keep playing every chance you get, because that is what makes you better. No amount of learning comes close to what you get through the experience. The scorecard will always determine whether you’re eligible for the National team.

All you need to do is practice hard, use proper technique, and believe in yourself. The results will follow. Don’t lose hope, sometimes it takes years to play for your country and sometimes you start as young as 19 years!

Since you play, observe, listen, and understand some of the finest cricketing legends during your time there! Once you display your ability, talent, and overall performance you get noticed and slowly build on that.

Inidan Crickert players

Many many players like Tilak Verma. Yashasvi Jaiswal, Shubhman Gill, etc have been selected based on their performance in these tournaments or World Cups games. Suryakumar Yadav played his first international match at the age of 31 while Yashasvi played the U19 WC! It’s all a culmination of luck, skill, talent, and timing! Have a clear goal, be disciplined, and just keep pushing, you’ll get there! We believe in you!

If you’re a budding cricket player seeking suggestions, guidance, or assistance with coaches/academies, remember that you always have a reliable source to turn to (Ps. It’s us!). Feel free to reach out whenever you need direction in your cricketing journey – we’re here to support you every step of the way!

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