There is interesting news from the cricket world that involves the narrative of IPL vs ICC.

The “Times of London” stated that owners of prominent IPL teams are attempting to persuade up to six of England’s finest players to forego playing for their country in international cricket in exchange for lucrative annual contracts worth up to 5 million pounds.

Nearly every one of the ten IPL teams has expanded into other competitions, such as the CPL in the West Indies, the SA T20 in South Africa, the Global T20 League in the United Arab Emirates, and the upcoming Major League Cricket in the United States.

There will also be a highly anticipated Saudi T20 competition, in which certain IPL clubs may invest.

The article, however, does not mention the players participating in the conversation or the IPL teams that have approached them.

‘The Times’ report quotes: “Initial discussions have taken place after at least six English players, including some international stars, were approached by IPL franchise owners and asked whether, in principle, they would accept a deal that would make an Indian team their main employer, rather than the ECB or an English county.”

“This development follows discussions among players’ unions around the world about the potential implications of 12-month IPL franchise contracts, which would be a significant step towards the football model of elite players being primarily contracted to their team and released for international duty, rather than the other way around.

“One source told The Times that contract offers could come as soon as the end of the year.”

Cricket in the 20-over format is undeniably here to stay, and T10 is rapidly capturing the public’s interest.

While the International Cricket Council has long considered limiting the number of leagues an active contracted player may play in annually, it is possible that many young players will give up their central contracts and become free agents or will retire from international cricket. In such a case, the sole obstacle may be a “NOC” from the national cricket governing body.

The paper also claimed that a discussion on similar lines took place with other star Australian T20 specialists.

“Discussions have already taken place with a number of high-profile Australian players about full-time deals, but this has now been extended to English players. Contracts could be worth upwards of GBP 2 million a year and even as high as GBP 5 million—more than five times the value of the highest England central contracts.”

The paper also spoke about the possibility of having partial contracts both with the ECB or county and the IPL franchises, especially, the ones who play white-ball cricket.

“What is more likely is that players will arrange “bespoke” deals depending on their own circumstances, which could result in them being part-contracted to their county or the ECB and part-contracted to a franchise.”

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