Checklist of eligibility of Sports management

Sports management is a sector that is rapidly expanding in the Indian context!

Given how the IPL has gotten bigger and bigger, and so many other sports trying to emulate the success of the IPL, it doesn’t take a genius to crack why we need more sports management professionals!

So, in order to fulfill this ever-rising demand for sports in the country, many institutes have come into existence in the last decade or so.

Doing a course in sports management is a viable option now. This is where you combine your passion with your profession!

So let’s try to figure out what the Eligibility process can be!

Eligibility Criteria for Sports Management Courses

TO-DO list

The eligibility criteria for sports management courses in Indian colleges and universities can vary, depending on the institution and the specific course.

But, most courses require applicants to have completed their 10+2 education (12th complete) from a recognized board or institution. Additionally, candidates must have scored a minimum of 50% in their final exams. (12th board exams)

While in other cases, some colleges and universities may also require applicants to have a background in sports, such as having played at the district or state level.

But even if that’s not the case, there shouldn’t be any problem!

For post-graduation courses, a Bachelor’s degree in any field is a necessary condition. Some institutions may also require candidates to have a certain level of proficiency in English, as many courses are taught in English.

So as you would have guessed, candidates can pursue a course majoring in Sports Management at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Given below are the basic eligibility criteria outline for both levels of courses:

UG Courses: Candidates should have passed Class 12 in any stream with a minimum of 45 to 55 percent in aggregate.

The important takeaway here is any stream. You could be from sciences, arts, or commerce and still do a sports management course!

In rare cases, some institutions also demand physical education as a mandatory subject.

PG Courses: Candidates should have cleared graduation with a minimum of 45 to 55 percent in aggregate in any stream. Background in sports is preferable by some of the institutes.

Popular Sports Management Courses in India

Goalkeeper saving the goal

There are many colleges and universities in India that offer sports management courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The following gives you an outline that will help you find a direction! A substream that might interest you the most!

Some of the most popular sports management courses in India:

A] Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management

B] Master of Business Administration in Sports Management

C] Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management

D] Diploma in Sports Management

E] Certificate Course in Sports Management

Final thoughts

Sports management courses in India offer students an opportunity to combine their love of sports with tangible skills like business and management.

However, before applying for these courses, it was important to understand the eligibility criteria.

And now that we have presented you with a rough guideline of things out there, we hope you can find the right path in life!

Best of luck!

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