2022 world Cup

It is finally that time of the year when half the world comes to a standstill to watch 22 men play on the football pitch. Argentina plays against France on the grandest stage of them all, with both sides looking to make history. It is a battle of Europe vs South America and a battle of Messi vs Mbappe that will decide the World Champions for the next four years,

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Key Battles to look out for


The first team to qualify for the final, after smashing Croatia in the semi-final. The Argentine’s will look for revenge over France in this grudge match after the French eliminated them the last time around. It was captain Lionel Messi at the helm again, scoring and assisting in the side’s 3-0 win. He took apart Gvardiol, who had been the defender of the tournament, and made the stage his own. After all the knockout games, the world started to notice that Julian Alvarez had been silently contributing to his team’s success. The 22-year-old kept Lautaro Martinez out of the starting 11 and made the striker position his own. From losing to Saudi Arabia to reaching the World Cup final, the phoenix that is Argentina has truly risen from the ashes. It truly is a sign that Messi could complete football by winning the final. Whether you support Argentina or France, this final means so much more, as Messi has announced that it will be his last World Cup game. The world awaits, as the seconds tick by, to see the GOAT try and achieve what has always eluded him. Will a South American team finally reign supreme? We will know soon enough. 



The French are looking to make history by becoming the 2nd team to retain a 2022 World Cup title. This truly is a golden generation for France, with so many youngsters playing important roles in the team’s success. The team beat Morocco in a nervy 2-0 win as the genius that is Deschamps brought on 24-year-old Muani who scored with his first touch of the game. The genius idea was not bringing him on but making Mbappe to play in a central role almost as a striker, allowing the fresh legs to make a run and kill the game. While all the attention is on Mbappe, Griezzman has been putting effort into attack, midfield, and defense. He has 3 assists and 7 big chances created. He won 6 out of 10 ground duels against Morocco and made 2 interceptions. The French side showcased their depth, with Konate stepping up for Upamecano and having a great game. Varane and Hernandez have been superb in defense, while Giroud does what he’s been doing for so long in front of goal. France has the opportunity to do what many haven’t even dreamed of, and it could finally be the one to retain the title and stamp its success.

2022 World cup

Key Battles to look out for.

Tchoumeni vs Messi: The youngster will do everything to stop Messi from creating chances and will have to step up his game if he wants to keep this legend out of the game. Messi will look to beat the press and find space for attackers in front of him.

Mbappe vs Molina: Molina will have a tough time dealing with the pace of Mbappe and will have to do everything to make sure the 23-year-old gets nowhere near the goal. This will restrict Molina from venturing forward and force him to play a much more defensive role.

Deschamps vs Scaloni: This will be the biggest battle of them all, as the managers are the ones responsible for getting their teams to this stage of the tournament. Will the experience of Deschamps be too much for Scaloni or will Scalonia’s adaptability and tactics outclass Deschamps? The tactics and team sheets from the game will decide the fate of the two nations as they step onto the battlefield in the 2022 World Cup.

messi vs mbappe


After a month and a half of predictions, we have nothing for this game. Both teams deserve to win, and whoever loses should go home with their heads held high for what they have achieved. It is a battle of the old generation vs. the new that the whole world wants to see as the perfect swan song to this 2022 World Cup.

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