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Sports Scholarships for students

Unified Admissions Program

Nobody else helps out young professionals and athletes with sports education. Hence, we started this program to provide a clear roadmap to accelerate your pathway to your Dream Sports College/University.

Key Features

  1. A curated list of all sports colleges around the globe
  2. Comparative analysis of sports colleges based on pricing, infrastructure, teaching program, professors, placements & job opportunities, and scholarships.  
  3. Find scholarships
  4. Young professional sports counselors
  5. End-to-end support until the student is settled into their dream college
  6. Lifetime access to our community from anywhere in the world

Our founder

Unified Sports: A sports company for sports people

Meet your mentor

(Founder & Director of Unified Sports)

MBA with distinction in Sports Management from Deakin University, Australia Deakin provides one of the top 10 sports programs in the world. (QS Rankings) Keshav has helped over 35+ kids get admission in their choice of sports college along with several scholarships.

Is your answer YES to any of these categories?

My childhood dream was to become a sports professional but I couldn’t pursue it as a career option

I want to work with Sports Teams, Academies, Federations and Companies to become an integral part of the Sports Industry

I'm curious to explore the sports field, as I currently have limited information about the potential pathways to build a career in it.

I can't find information about College Fees, Scholarships, the best options for my Profile, Eligibility Criteria, or Requirements

What will you achieve through this program?

We provide guidance and support to ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding in your admission process.

Who is this for?

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Any sports professional

We specialize in helping sports professionals achieve their dreams by guiding them through the admissions process for top-tier sports colleges around the world.



Any student

We specialize in providing expert guidance to aspiring sports professionals, helping them secure admission to the most prestigious sports colleges worldwide.


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Professionals looking to switch industries

Our admissions program is the perfect opportunity for any professional looking to transition into the sports industry.


What is the process?

Join the elite league of sports professionals with our proven 8-step process to secure admissions to top sports colleges.

Basic Admission Consulting

  • • List of top sports colleges in India & Abroad
  • • Consultation Calls with our experts
  • • Matching Eligibility and Qualifications against College Requirements
  • • Finding 5 best colleges to apply for you
  • Connect with our Sports Professionals

Advanced Admission Consulting

  • • All features of Basic Plan
  • • Finding Top Scholarships
  • • Guidance in application process: LORs, SOPs, Essays
  • • Finalizing documentation & submission of Application form
  • • Visa Assistance (if required)
  • • Post Admission support

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Don’t miss our comprehensive FAQs section for all your Sports College Application Queries.

Yes, we can help with international college admissions across multiple sport courses. Not only do we have direct connections with the top universities across the globe, but we also specialise in providing guidance for the application process to procure a seat in these top universities. Check out our careers page to learn more or book a free consultation(calendly) session with our experts now!


Contrary to popular assumption, anyone can succeed in the sports sector regardless of whether they are an athlete or have specific sporting experience.

Check out our careers page to learn more or book a free consultation(calendly) session with our experts now!

Sports scholarships are quite difficult to find as they are scattered across the place and every institution has different requirements for scholarships. Book a free consultation(calendly) session with our experts now to learn more about scholarships!

Yes, we can help with national and international college admissions across multiple sports courses. Check out our careers page to learn more!


Yes, we help athletes with everything they need to raise their game to the next level. Students can avail support from our support partners, who cater to the requirements of international, national & state level athletes. Contact us to learn more!

Yes, we are thrilled to offer our expertise in organizing personalized sporting events tailored specifically to meet the needs and goals of your institution. Contact us to learn more and create a remarkable and memorable event




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