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top 4 AI tools for Enhancing Athletic Performance

AI tools

The introduction of AI in sports has significantly changed  how we participate in our favorite activities. AI tools have revolutionized the world, not only in the field of sports but in all other subjects as well! It’s yet to be determined if this change is positive or will result in all of us losing our jobs! The benefits of using the latest technology are immense, and since it is accessible to all, it creates equal opportunities.

In the last two decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally changed how people watch and analyze sports, especially through the use of real-time data. Athletes, broadcasters, advertisers, and fans all gain from this. It has several uses in sports, including player tracking, evaluation of practice sessions, analysis of game footage, and more. AI enables more effective training plans, maximizing individual potential, by allowing coaches to identify an athlete’s strengths and areas for progress.

In this post, you’ll learn about
1. Virtual Reality (VR)
2. Fitbod
3. Freeletics
4. Sparta Science

 Numerous sports, including football, basketball, and hockey, use AI tools . For instance, athletes are dependent on AI-powered tools to assist them in making quicker and more informed decisions during intense matches.  Additionally, it can help coaches comprehend the physiological, psychological, and environmental elements that contribute to an athlete’s success. AI enables athletes to monitor their performance data and make real-time adjustments to their training and competition strategies.

Here are 4 tools that can be immensely helpful to athletes!

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Training: AI tools, simulations, and VR technology allow athletes to practice and improve their talents in lifelike virtual settings. VR training enables players to repeatedly train and visualize events, improving muscle memory and decision-making skills. This can be used for everything from perfecting a golf swing to recreating game scenarios in team sports.

For instance, a basketball player may improve split-second decision-making under pressure or a golfer can master their swing. This individualised, flexible, and secure training approach minimises physical stress while maximising performance development. This cutting-edge training method is set to transform how players across all sports develop their abilities and reach formerly unattainable levels of performance as AI and VR technology advances.

  1. Fitbod: A fitness app called Fitbod can create customised workout schedules for users based on their fitness goals, personal preferences, and equipment accessibility. It makes use of technology to deliver customised workout plans that take into account the user’s unique needs and progress.  Fitbod creates effective workout routines by taking into account the user’s fitness level, target muscle groups, frequency of workouts, and available time.

The programme is known for its innovative algorithm, which constantly modifies exercises in response to feedback from users and as users’ fitness levels rise. Fitbod strives to make the user’s training programme as effective and balanced as possible, ensuring that it changes over time. In order to help customers in performing the exercises correctly, it also offers detailed exercise instructions and videos.

AI tools
  1. Freeletics: With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Freeletics is a cutting-edge fitness programme that fits smoothly into users’ daily life. Freeletics offers individualised training schedules and meals advice that are in line with user goals and preferences by utilising advanced algorithms and user data. This strategy is made to accommodate each user’s individual fitness journey and optimise results. 

The coaching algorithm at the centre of Freeletics’ functionality takes cues from a user’s past app interactions and includes information from reliable academic studies. The training plans and dietary advice are adjusted based on the user’s progress, strengths, and areas for improvement by this clever algorithm.The app’s tailored approach can be used by athletes recovering from injuries or looking to prevent them.

  1. Sparta Science is an advanced AI-driven platform that combines biomechanics and data analytics to provide a complete plan for injury prevention and sports optimisation. It equips athletes and coaches with the knowledge they need to better analyse movement patterns and make decisions that will improve performance and lower the chance of injury.

Together, athletes and coaches can create training schedules that target particular movement weaknesses or imbalances found in the analysis. The platform records comprehensive details about an athlete’s form, balance, and coordination through a series of functional movement assessments.

The platform gives athletes and coaches the resources they need to promote long-term athletic success while guarding against potential injuries by integrating AI, biomechanics, and data-driven insights.

The data-driven distribution of data is designed to help the player and the entire team anticipate the next move of the opposition, increasing strategy development. AR and VR are experiencing a surprising growth. By 2031, it is expected that the global VR market for sports and entertainment will be worth $56.7 billion USD. Sports organisations in the NFL and NBA, as well as sports broadcasters like ESPN, are all looking deeply into the potential of AR and VR to increase fan engagement and provide a strong example of artificial intelligence sports.

Remember when FIFA used Goal-Line Technology (GLT) in 2012, during the FIFA World Cup in Japan, to assist referees in accurately determining goals. The Tour de France, together with NTT (previously Data Dimension), used machine learning techniques to predict various cycling events. 

And, the NBA made a big technological leap by being the first to debut a Facebook chatbot during the highly anticipated NBA Finals, effectively engaging fans before the first game began. There are many such sports that have already seen what AI can do, its time we Indians start looking a little more deeply into this game changing tool! 

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