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Unforgettable Controversies- Top 5 Most Controversial Events in Indian Sports History

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Sports scandals have existed for as long as sports have. This is also true in Indian sports history, where important lessons can be learned from past mistakes. This article delves into the top five controversial sports events in Indian history that have sparked the most intense discussions. 

In this post, you’ll learn about

  1. Commonwealth Games Scam (2010)
  2. Olympic Association’s Suspension (2012-2014)
  3. Sania Mirza’s Attire Controversy (2005)
  4. The Cricket Match-Fixing Scandal
  5. Controversies around Doping

Commonwealth Games Scam (2010):

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Allegations of widespread corruption and poor management hampered the preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. India’s plans to host the major athletic event have been clouded by reports of poor building work, lacking infrastructure, and financial theft. The dispute drew harsh condemnation from both local and foreign quarters and cast doubt on India’s capacity to organize such gatherings. The stigma created by the incident could not be totally removed, despite the organization and performance of the games ultimately being successful for Indian athletes.

Olympic Association’s Suspension (2012-2014):

Olympic rings | Department for Culture, Media and Sport | Flickr

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) faced a significant setback when it was suspended from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 2012 to 2014. This incident marked a notable low point in India’s sporting history, shedding light on the imperative need for transparency, accountability, and transformative reforms in the governing institutions. Additionally, it exposed inherent flaws within the country’s sports administration.

Due to concerns of fraud and election-related mismanagement, the IOC suspended the IOA in December 2012. As a result, Indian athletes were barred from competing under their national flag at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and may face similar restrictions in future events, including the Summer Olympics. The ban served as a wake-up call for Indian officials, and numerous adjustments were required before India could be considered again!

Sania Mirza’s Attire Controversy (2005):

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Sania Mirza, a rising star of the early 2000s, faced the first hurdle in 2005 when she got into a scuffle with religious orthodoxy for wearing a short skirt. A group of Muslim clerics issued a Fatwa against Mirza over her tennis skirt. Calling her a ‘corrupting influence’ who leaves nothing to the imagination with her short skirts, religious clerics demanded she wear something more covering.  The media also made a spectacle out of Mirza’s skirt, adding to the harassment of the young 18-year-old tennis player.

None of these sexist comments budged Sania Mirza, and she replied, It’s her choice to wear whatever she wants.

The outrage over Sania Mirza’s clothes sparked debates about fundamental rights such as gender equality and free expression. Many people joined together to protect Mirza’s right to wear whatever she wanted and play tennis for as long as she wanted without jeopardizing her identity. The conversation expanded beyond sports, shedding light on broader concerns about women’s autonomy and shifting societal norms in India.

The Cricket Match-Fixing Scandal:

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The match-fixing scandal that unfolded during the early 2000s had a profound impact on Indian cricket, given the nation’s deep-rooted reverence for the sport. The involvement of prominent cricketers in suspicions of match-fixing and spot-fixing created a serious problem that shook the foundations of Indian cricket.

In 2000, the Delhi Police uncovered a connection between bookies and a number of players. This raised suspicions of fixing for financial gain. Among those implicated were popular cricketers such as Mohammed Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, and Manoj Prabhakar.

The match-fixing incident significantly eroded the trust of cricket fans and tarnished the reputation of the sport. In response to the public outcry, both the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) initiated investigations to address the issue.

Following the match-fixing scandal, several players, including Azharuddin and Jadeja, were implicated and received extended cricket bans. The controversy also brought to light the widespread corruption within cricket, leading to legal complications and court battles. In response, the BCCI and other governing bodies in cricket introduced more stringent anti-corruption measures, such as conducting training sessions for players and officials.

Controversies around Doping 

World Anti-Doping Agency launches investigation | 🇩🇪Profes… | Flickr

Doping has always been an issue in the world of sports, no matter where you go. As doping falls under the category of cheating, it is not well received. When it comes to Indian sports, there have been a few instances of doping controversies.

The cases of doping breaches have periodically undermined the reputation of Indian athletes, beginning with the case of weightlifter Kunjarani Devi in the late 1990s and continuing with the suspension of renowned sprinters like Dutee Chand in more recent years. These issues have damaged people’s reputations, but they have also brought attention to the necessity for a strict anti-doping culture inside the nation’s athletic environment.


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Sports scandals in Indian history have influenced the narrative of the country’s sports heritage, while also generating moral concerns. These five experiences have left an indelible mark on me and serve as a daily reminder that society’s complexities and problems are not restricted to sports. These episodes sparked controversy, but they also resulted in adjustments and a renewed commitment to preserving the culture of quality, fair play, and integrity in Indian sports.

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